The Basics

Rent:            $ 5.00/day or $125.00/month

Disposal:     $ 125.00 base rate, plus $44.00/ton

Mileage:       $ 2.15/mile, round trip, when out of city limits

Further Details


Requirements:    Drop Box must be placed on firm or paved ground and should not be filled over the top or with material hanging from the sides of the box.  If the material is heavy (gravel, concrete,  etc.) it can only be filled half way.

Overweight:  Each truck has a total GVW limit of 47,200 lbs.  There is an additional charge of $8.00/100 lbs over 47,200 lbs.

Permit: If the box is on public property such as a city street, alley or downtown area, a permit will be required from the City Police.  This permit is free.  Call 524-2014

Prohibited Materials: Tires, appliances with freon, tv’s, car batteries, liquid or hazardous material