Our residential service consists of a weekly dumping of our 68 gallon green roll cart container that we supply the costumer.  These roll carts are for household garbage only. To start new service we ask you that stop by the office at 3048 Campbell St to get started. 

*Now available-Every other week pick up service. Call office if you’d like to change your service.

Click here for calendar of pick up dates.

Tips for Service

*Place roll cart on curb or street with lid opening toward the street

*Make sure there is 4 feet of clearance around the cart and that it isn’t being blocked by a vehicle.

*You may place bags near the roll cart, but there is an extra charge of $4 or more depending on how much. Also, if the lid of the roll cart is being pushed up more than 10 inches, that is also considered extra and could be charged.